Sunday, 29 May 2011

L'Oreal Paris Lash Architect 4D Mascara (Black)

Hi! Haven't blogged in a while, but yesterday i went to my supermarket in the mind of getting a new mascara as mine was a little old. I was going to repurchase the Loreal collegan plus (black) mascara because i LOVE it but i thought i would give their new one a try -The Lash Architect 4D- as i had read some reviews and they were all good. I bought this at Tesco for £7.99 as it was having a introductory offer. So your probably thinking, what is 4D? It is supposedly meant to give you volumized, lengthened, textured and curved lashes. I have to say that once again Loreal have impressed me. I'm not sure it 'texturises' my lashes but it does curve, lengthen and volumize them very well. Its a good black.. If that makes any sense! You can also get it in brown. The brush I'm not to sure on though, I never know which way to hold it because every way you look at it, it looks different, but that might just be me, lol.I like the packaging, it looks very sleek and shiny on my shelf :). I don't like the way the wand handle is made though. Because it is triangular it is quite awkward to hold, but i can live with that. I would recommend this to everyone and I would definitely repurchase. Also, please click older posts if you want to ready any other reviews :)

LushCosmeticsLover :D

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

LUSH Charity Pot Review!

Hiya! I was thinking the other day while i was on holiday that i haven't done a blog post in ages so i thought i might as well do one! A few weeks ago i went to lush and picked up a few things including the charity pot trial. I'm all up for giving money to charity so i thought i would give it a go and see if i liked it, feeling happy with myself that i had done a good deed. I didn't get to smell it as it was right next to the checkout so i just grabbed it. To be honest i hate the smell. It is supposed to smell like chocolate but i cant smell anything like that. All i can smell is a really strong, fake smelling floral scent and some sort of cooking oil. Not my sort of smells. The smell is also very very strong and lingers for hours which isn't good for me as i don't like the smell! So anyway i have put it on my hands a few times and tried it on my legs and it is not bad. For me, it is very very light, it doesn't feel like it has done anything once it has soaked in a bit and feels just as dry as before. I think this is the first lush product i don't like. I really want to like it but its just not for me. The smell is to overpowering and it doesn't really do what it says it will. I would not recommend this and i will definitely not be buying this again.
 LushCosmeticsLover :)